Get More Likes on Instagram

The social media race is today more combative than it ever has been. There are so many websites out there now which see such massive amounts of traffic and usage that they are quickly becoming one of the most powerful ways to advertise our services.

Instagram is arguably one of the most powerful of these social media websites. Instagram is a mobile-based application that allows you to upload photos and give them appropriate tags. This means that you can create viral advertising for your business with a few smart moves – as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

If you are looking to drive more people to your Instagram page and follow you, then you should consider using the following tactics listed below.

Use Popular Hashtags
In a similar way to Twitter, hashtags are a popular part of the marketing side of things on Instagram. A hashtag is what you can use to sum up the picture, or to leave your opinion of the image above, written in a #word format.

By using popular hashtag words, which you can find here, you will find that more people come across your photos and this can build a steady stream of new likes on your photos.

Use Different Filters
Instagram offers the ability to filter your photo to a different shade and style, meaning you can really customise your images to ensure they set the right atmosphere and image that you were going for – there are many different filters that you can use, and some are more popular than others. Check out here; and you can find out the most popular filters at the moment. By using these, you will find that people may choose your photos to look at over others due to the filter, thus potentially getting you more likes in the process.

Engage with others
Remember, this is ‘social’ media meaning that you should be trying to meet other users and work together to bring both of you more exposure! The more time and interaction you give to your own followers and people you find interesting, then the more chance they have of sharing your details and creating even more followers for you.

If you comment on somebody else’s page or profile, then they are more likely to not only reply to your comment, but also check out your profile and they may follow you. This means that any future pictures you post they will have a higher chance of seeing and therefore liking your new photo.

Interaction is so vital and the more photos you post and the more times you share and interact with your followers images, the more likely they are to reciprocate the idea for you. Try and look around on Instagram using hashtags to find images that match the message you are trying to send with your own account – share these images, interact with the owner of the page, like them etc.

Instagram Featured
Lastly, a powerful way to get yourself more likes is to become ‘featured’ by Instagram. This can generate literally thousands of new followers every day. Although the criteria forgetting featured is not really known, if you are lucky enough to get selected you can expect to see a massive amount of new followers within a short space of time.

A sure-fire way to at least put yourself in the reckoning is to be active, friendly and consistent with your posting and messages – keeping everything in the one main theme and making sure you are interacting with others is going to be a big help to getting you noticed more readily by Instagram.