Building a Brand with Twitter

The internet is one of the many superpowers man has ever controlled and the possibility is endless. The latest internet phenomenon named Social Networking is more influential these days than any other form of media and the brands around the world are taking the advantage and driving their business forward.

Whatever product or service that you’re offering, you can’t deny the fact that online marketing via social networks is effective if it is managed wisely and cleverly. You’ll join the conversation with millions of people involved in diverse fields holding different opinions from all around the world, a perfect field to do marketing, costing a lot less. However, building a noticeable positive image and actually getting noticed is a tricky task.

Here are several tips to create a stand-out branding image on Twitter:

A Profile with a Professional look
At first, you need to build a visually pleasing and also professional looking profile page to represent your brand. Be sure to attach your brand logo as the profile picture. Also, make sure to add a Twitter handle which is easily recognizable, that’s why, go for short and simple.

Fill up the important fields of name, biography and location. It’s an excellent opportunity for branding and PR. Type in your correct location and identity details.

After using Twitter for a while, you’ll feel the need for a customized background correlating with the brand’s visual identity. A distinct looking background is an effective way to show your originality and to explain what makes you unique. Hire someone or do it yourself. Don’t ignore this step. A customized background is a simple yet powerful tool to sharpen up your profile.

Always provide all the necessary and useful info; people like to get them all together. You must embed a link to your brand’s website for extensive purposes.

Contrast & Stand-out
Appearing stand-out and attracting people in the vast and competitive Twitter community is a great challenge. A few small and clever tweaks can easily get your Tweets more attention. You can play with the styles and lengths of the Tweets. On the other hand, sending out a series of Tweets instead of just one might prove to be a better communicative approach.

Indirect mention
Joining Twitter means joining the global conversation. The majority of the traffic earned by Twitter is being generated by the people and pages considered ‘influencers‘ such as celebrities, hot new product launches, bloggers, journalists and so on. Many businesses try to grab attention of these influencers by tweeting at and retweeting them. Another subtle and highly effective approach is to mention contents or tweets created by these influencers. Be sure to mention them indirectly, you don’t need to interact with them. They’ll be notified about your mentioning but won’t feel like being used or addressed by your brand, which many may consider as intrusive.

Call for help & help others too
Get friendly to the term ‘Twoogling’- asking questions on Twitter, which is a lot similar to putting in a query into Google. Twoogling is a clever way to get noticed by your Twitter community and at the same time solving your problem quickly. Social networking is all about interaction. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, call for help or guideline. Value the opinions of your fellow Twitter community. On the other hand, your followers will feel valued and appreciated to help you solve your problems and by being granted insight. You can return the favor by interacting and answering questions via Twoogle.

Update and share the latest content
Twitter is always dynamic. In this fast paced world, the center stage belongs to the hottest and latest happenings. You can’t stop after only creating relevant contents, make sure that your brand spread and share those contents. Also, you must share news hot off the press. In today’s cyber world, all the news and memes have a very short expiration period.

Buy Twitter Followers
Another highly rewarding and easy way to spread your brand name is to buy Twitter followers. Your brand needs lots of eyeballs and referrals. More referrals and retweeting bumps up your brand’s profile awareness. Serious investing can get you almost as many followers as you want.

Millions of Twitter users are always looking for something new. If your brand offers something innovative and your marketing policy on Twitter is tactful, your brand is sure to catch the headlines.