Get More Traffic From Twitter

Twitter has become one of the largest social networking powerhouses harnessing the power of hundreds of millions of potential sales right at your fingertips. However, a lot of people fail to realize just how difficult selling to those hundreds of millions can be when literally everyone is trying to jump in on the crazy. Twitter is an amazing network and tool for building a relationship with your readers/customers and for obtaining new as well if it’s utilized correctly. Here are 5 tips to help you not only make sure you’re utilizing Twitter correctly but to gain more traffic from the site.

Make sure that you’re Tweeting on a consistent basis so that people know to check for Tweets and updates by you. When a channel only updates once a month or has a sporadic Tweeting pattern, it’s hard to know when to check for updates and some people will only show up once in a blue moon. You want to be consistent with your tweets and try to stick to a timed schedule as best you can.

You don’t HAVE to tweet once a day but it sure doesn’t hurt, as long as the content is fresh and unique. The bottom line is to be consistent with your tweeting habits and to make sure people have a general idea of when they can expect your next update so they’ll check in more often.

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